Lisa Marie Bernardo, PhD, MPH, RN

About Me


Fitness for Body, Mind, Spirit is my 15 year-old wellness nursing practice for individuals seeking optimal health and wellness. I specialize in women with health needs including those experiencing cancer, chemotherapy, surgery, and chronic health problems. Many times following such surgery or medical treatment, women are on their own to regain their strength and functional abilities. I help women by using Pilates,  yoga and exercise science to assess, program and evaluate their progress toward their wellness goals for body, mind, and spirit.

My mission is to promote individual health and wellness by creating and evaluating individualized science-based wellness programs for women

I am dedicated to providing wellness nursing services based on scientific evidence to respect your health goals and revitalize your body, mind and spirit

Thank you for reviewing my website. Please email me with questions or comments. I look forward to serving you in the future.