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The Pilates Centre, LLC
4849 Josephine Drive
Gibsonia, PA 15044

Dancing Bee Garden Designs

flowersThe Dancing Bee Garden Designs

Dancing Bee Garden Designs (HIC PA 121517) grew out of my experience as a Penn State Master Gardener Butler County Class of 2003. As a Master Gardener projects, I created and maintained the Medicinal Herb and Aromatherapy Gardens at Cranberry Ambulance Service in Butler County. I revitalized the gardens at The Pilates Centre, which is an example of my work. The name Dancing Bee comes from my husband’s apiary and my love of dance. I create gardens like choreographers create dances by considering the stage (soil), costumes (varieties of plants), scenery (existing hardscape), lighting (sunlight), props (birdbaths)  and the dancers (plants).

My gardening qualifications include:

  • Penn State Master Gardener
  • Phipps Sustainable Landcare Accredited Professional
  • Enrolled in Phipps’ Native Plant Garden Design Program

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